Benefits Of Serving Finger Foods At Your Wedding

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Your wedding may seem like its all about you, but actually its all about the food. You may wear the most gorgeous custom made gown, decorate the entire hall with flowers and celebrate as lavishly as possible, however if the food isnt good, your guests are going to surely complain. A wedding doesnt always have to be a formal affair, where youll fine dine. If its a small celebration at a barn or a more relaxed environment, finger foods can be a great choice. So here are some of the unseen benefits of them at weddings.

  • Relaxed seating arrangement
    You dont need to arrange big tables with plates and cutlery to dine. Hence, you can simply arrange one big table with all the food; bruschetta, fondue, fruit and nut mix with appropriate drinks, a few small tables and adequate chairs so that people can pick up what they like, have a seat and enjoy. This is a great idea to manage little spaces. Also, your guests dont have to worry about table etiquette. Many guests lack knowledge in using cutlery the correct way and often get embarrassed among the rest. When eating finger foods, you will simply use your hands.
  • Cost effective
    Catering full plated meals for a crowd is very expensive and may add up to about 50% of your total wedding related expenses. You can get better quality finger foods for an even lesser price than the lowest price of a plated menu, bringing down the total expense up to 30%. Your guests will like it too since they are delicious and easy to handle. You can get a large variety of foods ranging from appetizers to a bit heavier foods as pizza for mains and cookies or pudding for dessert, for the price of just a few plated dishes.
  • Converse better
    At a fine-dine wedding, you will just sit at your table and talk to the people at the table only. With finger foods, your guests will feel free to walk around and mingle with other guests. They dont have to carry heavy plates and cutlery. They toss some sausage rolls, a slice of pizza, some raw nut mix and devour while talking to people. Visit this link more info on raw nut mix.
  • Simple catering
    The venue charges you a high amount for its service but with finger foods, they dont have to. As said before, you wont need any cutlery; it will just be some side plates. The guests can go serve themselves. All the venue needs to do is clean up afterwards, so you dont need to pay for a full service.